quick question…

I want to post some recorded examples on this blog. Obviously any tunes of mine are clear, but what if I post a link to somebody’s copyright material on soundcloud.com or on youtube? Obviously that’s a violation…but is it if I post an excerpt, and make it a blind link or something, or say it’s fair use for education with no download component? only streaming–hmmm, still sounds illegal–the records I want to reference are out of print. Your thoughts?


About Scott Healy

LA composer and performer.
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2 Responses to quick question…

  1. Scott Healy says:

    I’ll do links to existing excerpts I can find online, and pdf’s and mp3’s of my own copyrighted material for streaming only.

  2. a listener says:

    Link to anything and everything- no crime there. Electronic files are de facto public domain and will soon be de jure as well. Don’t stress – 3 billion downloaders worldwide are a somewhat overwhelming presence to record labels who will soon be defunct anyway.

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