Amplified String Quartet? Really?

I just mixed the piece I wrote for last April’s concert–“Effection” for amplified string quartet and three percussion. It’s an attempt at “Third Stream” music, combing some jazz elements in a modern classical setting. The musicians were cracker jack players, familiar with the jazz and free jazz idiom, and receptive to my ideas and directions.

“Effection” is mostly notated, but most of it has a free rhythmic feel. There’s a lot of improvisation , and I controlled the sound using box and arrow, and spacial rhythmic notation. Sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s written out and what’s improvised. You’ve really got to rely on your players to pull this style of writing off, but when they do it works.

In a future post I’ll explain these devices and show how I used them in this and others.

Check it out and let me now what you think.

Here’s the score:


Here’s the audio:

About Scott Healy

LA composer and performer.
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