Both Sides Now: Two New/Old Releases on a New Label

Two recordings I played on and co-produced are now available on iTunes; CDs are available through Hudson City Records.

Northern Light is from 1991, and I’m still am trying to figure out why we waited two decades to put it out. Glenn is a fantastic guitarist and composer, and we’ve enjoyed a great musical partnership for many years. I played on his first record, produced his second, and we gigged and toured together often from the mid 80’s until I moved to LA in 2009. I remember how our playing really clicked on this record. We had great support from our rhythm section, and the overall sound is rich and spacious.

Northern Light by Scott Healy-Glenn Alexander Quartet

In fact, the SH-GA Quartet was the first incarnation of what became The Coalition somewhere around 1999. The Coalition got a record deal, and put out Naked Movies in 2004, which we’ve now re-released on iTunes and on Hudson City Records. This is in fact the third release for Naked Movies, the first was on MidLantic Records, who gave us our original deal. Then Fractal Entertainment put it out again in 2007 after we bought the masters back from MidLantic. The reviews were great, and we got some decent airplay.

Naked Movies by The Coalition

Northern Light was recorded direct to 2-track–no mixing, no editing, no tricks. The record features upright bassist Kermit Driscoll and renown drummer Jeff Hirshfield. I play piano and a few synths on this mostly acoustic date, Glenn plays electric and acoustic guitar. Check out his solo on “November.”

Naked Movies is a quartet live in the studio, but post-production abounds, and it’s anything but direct to 2-track. We brought our entire arsenal to this record: software tricks, effects, editing; somehow we managed to retain all the live solos, and the record has an acoustic feel despite the amount of bytes and watts that we put into it. My BCB bandmate Michael Merritt plays bass on Naked Movies, and NYC uber-drummer Shawn Pelton rocks out on live drums, Abelton Live software, vibulator, loops and effects. I did a bunch of resampling and looping, using DP, Live, Pro Tools, and Reason. Glenn’s got some amazing guitar effects and solos on this record, and I play only vintage keyboards: my 1974 Fender Rhodes (which I’ve had since high school), a Hohner Clavinet D6, and a Farfisa Combo Compact Deluxe.

Listening to ‘Northern Light,’ it’s clear that the time is right for this out-of-time recording…it was a welcome relief then, it’s a happy discovery now. – Bill Milkowski

‘Naked Movies’ is one of the coolest groove CDs in a while… a blend of edgy, retro playing and sonic manipulation to the nastiest degree. – Bass Player Magazine

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