The First Jazz Composer?

Claude Debussy? Discuss….

Professorscosco is worn out by the holidays, a burning, but very cold rooftop New Years jazz gig, and a long bike ride today, and is thus not inclined at the moment to pontificate about music theory. But WordPress keeps urging me to post, post, post, and I did just review the recording of a gig last November, so I’m just throwing this up here because I really like the way it sounded live: “Hey Claude” – officially it’s a tribute to Claude Debussy on his 150th birthday, unofficially I really wanted to write something with alto flute, and I had some cool little melodies lying around.

Old Claude (along with Ravel and others) gave us modes, whole tone scales, b5 chords, tertiary harmony, linear harmony, sound-color melody – far from simply “impressionistic” music, but detailed and rich compositions with some really serious harmonic content.

Live mp3 and score below:

Hey Claude 1st page

Click for a PDF of the full score.

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LA composer and performer.
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