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“Whiplash” Sucks, I Don’t Care What You Say

As does “Mr. Holland’s Opus.” But, sorry, this abortion of a movie, “Whiplash”,  is by far the worst music movie Professorscosco has ever seen clips of. It’s derogatory, inflammatory, insulting, and from what I hear, done non-union. How much more … Continue reading

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I’m wondering about it crowd-sourcing. There are many ways to go. I want to do a project of varying sizes of ensembles, with some crossover classical/jazz elements, and some free jazz. “Serious” music. That’s what they used to call it … Continue reading

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Reblogging a Brian Lauritzen Post

Originally posted on Brian Lauritzen:
A couple of days ago, an article appeared in Bloomberg that was so misinformed, so short-sighted, so petty, so ignorant, and so utterly ridiculous that to let it go unchallenged would be irresponsible. The article…

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