“Whiplash” Sucks, I Don’t Care What You Say

As does “Mr. Holland’s Opus.”

But, sorry, this abortion of a movie, “Whiplash”,  is by far the worst music movie Professorscosco has ever seen clips of.

It’s derogatory, inflammatory, insulting, and from what I hear, done non-union. How much more anti-music can it get? It’s insulting to Buddy Rich’s legacy (a genius in his own right), and it portrays a noble art form and the people who dedicate their lives to it as savage assholes.

ProfSco is a big fan of J.K. Simmons, having been an “Oz” freak, and he’s happy that J.K. is finally being recognized, but REALLY guys, “5-6-7-8…”????  No musician counts a tune off like that…dancers do, musicians give a different count. WTF! Nobody can tell the difference between 114 and 115 BPM in ONE BAR of playing…seriously? Bleeding hands? I hear there’s a car accident, more blood, and more abuse.

The whole thing is ludicrous, and it is a shame that people are going to be influenced by this movie, like they were with the more tame but still irresponsible “Mr. Holland’s Opus” (… some of you liked that one, I didn’t, and I know it started a big foundation, I know all about it and support it)…but don’t get me started on old Mr. Holland…musical inaccuracies (Coltrane, etc), the awful “American Symphony”, which was bad Yanni (we like Yanni BTW) , …Mr. Holland was a tortured composer ‘forced’ into a cake job which most would kill for,  claims to be “hip” while he totally misses the most productive and creative period in American music history (the late 50’s, early 60’s), who puts his side work and frustration above his DEAF KID, and almost runs off with an underage high school student of marginal ability after she sings a Gershwin tune, to leave her perpetually tearful, long-suffering wife. Mr. Holland is the worst kind of stereotypical, entitled, bitter, “failed” artist-turned-teacher, which reinforces the idea that those who can’t do, teach, which is NOT true…or that when you DO teach you can’t do anything else on the side, which is NOT true (really, was he not doing any playing or hanging on the side? Nothing? His only friend, a cool, happy gym teacher) …but he eventually gets good results in spite of his bad attitude.

Professorscosco’s long-suffering wife fed the following article into the feed–it’s from Huff Post and, while we think it’s wrong about the shrinking jazz audience, it gets everything else right. Professorscosco has taught at a top conservatory, and if he’d ever slapped a kid, thrown a chair, or called anyone a cocksucker he’d have had the shit beaten out of him and fired.

Suck on this, “Whiplash”! You suck!

From the Huffington Post:

The indie movies were the big winners at the 2015 Oscars, but the biggest loser was jazz.

J.K. Simmons won a well-deserved Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his portrayal of Terence Flethcer, an abusive “genius” director of a big band at some New Yorkish Jazz conservatory, pitted against Miles Teller’s Andrew Neyman, an equally arrogant egotistical young drummer who sees himself as the second-coming of Buddy Rich.

In Hollywood lingo the Sony Pictures Classics film Whiplash was The Gene Krupa Story meets Silence of the Lambs.

As a piece of film, the high-adrenaline performances of Simmons and Miles Teller, with the editing and sound mixing that kept the intensity at a razor’s edge, that have the film garnering a 95 percent at Rotten Tomatoes.   read more….


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Memories of Manny Albam – by Allen Myers

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I had the opportunity to study with Manny Albam a few years before Allen, but his post on his blog brings back memories. – Scott September 3, 2014 Memories of Manny Albam  By Allen Myers Reblogged by Scott Healy, October 15, … Continue reading

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Linear Harmony #5: Block and Layered Counterpoint

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I’m revising a piece for my ensemble, perhaps for a recording in the near or far future. I’ve used “Take it Inside” in many posts because it’s a good example of linear harmony. It’s also free and I have the … Continue reading

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Scientific study proves that today’s pop music really does suck

Scott Healy:

This one deserves reblogging for sure.

Originally posted on Dan from Squirrel Hill's Blog:

It’s not just our imagination – pop music really has been getting worse and worse. And now we have a scientific study that proves it.

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Linear Harmony #4 – Inner Roots and Voice Leading Pt. 2

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…the effect is fluid and free, almost like a composition is improvising with itself. I like this technique and I use it often. Thinking about strong lines and counterpoint first, and chords and harmonic movement second can make it all … Continue reading

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“Hudson City Suite” – a Short Film by Gabriel Judet-Weinshel

When you surround yourself with blazing musical and visual talent, this is what happens.

Gabe is a good friend, a filmmaker, writer and musician, and a longtime collaborator. He put this together using location footage from Jersey City, NJ, interviews, and live video from the recording session.

Preview the record at hudsoncityrecords.com, or at iTunes, Amazon and eMusic
Hudson City Suite by Scott Healy Ensemble
Visit Gabriel’s website.

The professor is happy!

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Linear Harmony #3 – From Point A to Point B

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Let your counterpoint guide you and write from the top down. Don’t worry about chords until it sounds good. Think about the beginning and the end of the phrase and how you want to get from point A to point … Continue reading

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I’m wondering about it crowd-sourcing. There are many ways to go. I want to do a project of varying sizes of ensembles, with some crossover classical/jazz elements, and some free jazz. “Serious” music. That’s what they used to call it … Continue reading

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Linear Harmony #2 – Inner Roots and Voice Leading – Pt. 1

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The layering of chords, with inner roots and strong voice leading are an important part of linear harmony; it’s a melodic way of writing with chords, and with apologies to Schoenberg and Debussy, a jazzy way of using “Klangfarbenmelodie”, or … Continue reading

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Reblogging a Brian Lauritzen Post

Originally posted on Brian Lauritzen:
A couple of days ago, an article appeared in Bloomberg that was so misinformed, so short-sighted, so petty, so ignorant, and so utterly ridiculous that to let it go unchallenged would be irresponsible. The article…

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