Revealing Ellington’s “The Clothed Woman”

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The original Columbia recording of Duke Ellington’s piano feature The Clothed Woman is from December 30th, 1947, and is available on “The Chronological Duke Ellington and his Orchestra 1947-1948.” Ellington had performed the piece a few nights earlier at Carnegie … Continue reading

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Jymie Merritt – “Forerunner”

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Bassist Michael Merritt, ProfScoSco’s daily Basic Cable Band collaborator, has produced a tribute concert featuring the music of his dad, former Jazz Messengers (and many other) bassist Jymie Merritt. NPR picked up this documentary/performance and is broadcasting it throughout the … Continue reading

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Re-posted For Ornette: Top-Down #2: Phrase Length, Strength, and the Third Dimension

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Originally posted on Professorscosco:
There’s nothing wrong with strict song form, standards, blues, etc., and I have no objection to chord progressions – some of my best friends have strong resolutions. But, jazz music’s two big building blocks, song form…

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Charles Ives for Jazz Orchestra Pt. 1 – “Tom Sails Away”

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I’d like to welcome composer and arranger Jack Cooper to Professorscosco as my first featured guest contributor. I’ve invited Jack to share with you some of his arrangements of Charles Ives’ music from his monumental 2014 release, Mists – Charles … Continue reading

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“Whiplash” Sucks, I Don’t Care What You Say

As does “Mr. Holland’s Opus.” But, sorry, this abortion of a movie, “Whiplash”,  is by far the worst music movie Professorscosco has ever seen clips of. It’s derogatory, inflammatory, insulting, and from what I hear, done non-union. How much more … Continue reading

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Memories of Manny Albam – by Allen Myers

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I had the opportunity to study with Manny Albam a few years before Allen, but his post on his blog brings back memories. – Scott September 3, 2014 Memories of Manny Albam  By Allen Myers Reblogged by Scott Healy, October 15, … Continue reading

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Linear Harmony #5: Block and Layered Counterpoint

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I’m revising a piece for my ensemble, perhaps for a recording in the near or far future. I’ve used “Take it Inside” in many posts because it’s a good example of linear harmony. It’s also free and I have the … Continue reading

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Scientific study proves that today’s pop music really does suck

This one deserves reblogging for sure.

Dan from Squirrel Hill's Blog

It’s not just our imagination – pop music really has been getting worse and worse. And now we have a scientific study that proves it.

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Linear Harmony #4 – Inner Roots and Voice Leading Pt. 2

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…the effect is fluid and free, almost like a composition is improvising with itself. I like this technique and I use it often. Thinking about strong lines and counterpoint first, and chords and harmonic movement second can make it all … Continue reading

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“Hudson City Suite” – a Short Film by Gabriel Judet-Weinshel

When you surround yourself with blazing musical and visual talent, this is what happens.

Gabe is a good friend, a filmmaker, writer and musician, and a longtime collaborator. He put this together using location footage from Jersey City, NJ, interviews, and live video from the recording session.

Preview the record at, or at iTunes, Amazon and eMusic
Hudson City Suite by Scott Healy Ensemble
Visit Gabriel’s website.

The professor is happy!

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